Earring magic ken

Earring magic ken

“Earring Magic Ken” is a specific version of the Ken doll, a character from the Barbie doll franchise produced by Mattel. Earring Magic Ken was introduced in 1993 and became notable for its unique and controversial design. Here’s more information about Earring Magic Ken:


  • Earring Magic Ken had a distinctive appearance that set it apart from traditional Ken dolls. The most notable feature was a single, silver-colored earring worn in its left ear, which was considered unconventional for male dolls at the time.
  • The doll’s fashion choices included a purple mesh shirt, a purple leather vest, and tight-fitting, iridescent silver pants. These fashion choices were seen as fashionable and trendsetting during the early 1990s.


  • Earring Magic Ken became the center of controversy and media attention due to its perceived portrayal of a stereotypical gay fashion sense. Some individuals and advocacy groups criticized the doll, arguing that it perpetuated stereotypes.
  • Mattel initially denied that Earring Magic Ken was intended to be a portrayal of a gay character. However, the controversy led to discussions about diversity and representation in toy design.

Collector’s Item:

  • Over time, Earring Magic Ken has become a collector’s item, valued for its unique design and historical significance within the Barbie doll line. Collectors seek out well-preserved versions of the doll.
  • Some collectors appreciate the doll’s design as a reflection of 1990s fashion trends and its place in pop culture history.

Subsequent Ken Dolls:

  • In response to the controversy surrounding Earring Magic Ken, Mattel introduced a more diverse range of Ken dolls with different fashions and styles in subsequent years, aiming to represent a broader spectrum of interests and identities.

Earring Magic Ken remains a noteworthy and memorable part of Barbie doll history, sparking discussions about diversity and representation in toy design and becoming a collectible item for those interested in the intersection of fashion, pop culture, and societal norms.

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