Screw back earrings

Screw back earrings

Screw-back earrings are a type of earring fastening mechanism designed to provide additional security and comfort when wearing earrings. Unlike traditional push-back or butterfly-back earrings, screw-back earrings feature a threaded post and a screw-on backing. This design prevents the earrings from accidentally slipping out of the earlobe and allows for adjustable tightness. Here’s more information about screw-back earrings:


  1. Threaded Post: The earring post has a threaded or grooved section at the end, which resembles a screw. This part is inserted through the earlobe piercing.
  2. Screw-On Backing: The earring backing consists of a small disc or nut with a threaded hole that matches the post. To secure the earring, you twist the backing onto the threaded post, creating a tight fit.


  1. Enhanced Security: Screw-back earrings are less likely to accidentally fall out of the earlobe compared to traditional push-back earrings. The screw-on mechanism provides a more secure hold.
  2. Adjustable Fit: Wearers can control the tightness of the earrings by screwing the backing on as much or as little as needed. This allows for a comfortable fit, which is especially useful for individuals with sensitive or newly pierced ears.
  3. Ideal for Expensive Earrings: Screw-backs are often used for valuable or precious earrings like diamond studs because they provide an added layer of protection against loss.

Types of Earrings with Screw Backs:

  • Screw-back earrings can be found in various styles, including studs, dangles, hoops, and more. They are not limited to any specific type of earring, making them versatile for different designs.


  • Like any other type of earrings, screw-back earrings should be cleaned and maintained regularly. To avoid damage to the threads, avoid overtightening the backing when securing the earrings.


  • Screw-back earrings are suitable for people of all ages, including children, as they offer a secure and comfortable option. They are particularly useful for those who have experienced issues with traditional earring backings.

Removal and Insertion:

  1. To insert screw-back earrings, align the threaded post with the earlobe piercing, and gently twist the post until it goes through.
  2. Once the earring is in place, hold the earring firmly against the front of the earlobe.
  3. To secure the earring, twist the screw-on backing onto the threaded post. Continue to turn the backing until it feels comfortably snug.
  4. To remove the earring, unscrew the backing counterclockwise, and gently pull the earring post out of the piercing.

Screw-back earrings provide an added level of security and convenience, making them a popular choice for individuals who value peace of mind when wearing earrings. Whether you prefer studs, dangles, or other earring styles, screw-back earrings can be a reliable and comfortable option for everyday wear or special occasions.

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